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Garfok LoreMaster
Lord of Chaos
Garfok Loremaster
I am Garfok Loremaster, son of DaeDhu the Wise. Fromundar has granted me wisdom and the abilty to wield his runes. My travels in the pursuit of knowledge have taken me far from the lands of Riverden and the banks of its green water, where my feet so often tread many years ago. But think ye not that mere distance protects the enemies of that fine land from my power, for now that my duties have lessened, I can often be found wandering there and many a despoiler has felt my arcane wrath. If ye be a friend, you shall have no reason to fear and with luck you may share a glass at the table of the Lords of Chaos!
Garfok Loremaster
Learned Spellcaster,
blesses our deeds with the holiest of meads,
wears the wizards crown,
and smites his enemies down.
Forgotten Lore
The End Times
Kano, Rune of Fire